« The centuries have passed, the dust covering our memories.

Often we have failed to share the values and the knowledge to the future progenies. »


Chrysalis Collection  © L AV O I E 2018

Chrysalis Collection

© L AV O I E 2018



Enter the circle and travel together on the way of the universe
L A V O I E brings us out of time and space without regard to their hearts because their inspiration rises of morals, and wisdom that practiced our precursors. 
L A V O I E traces with emotion the values of an entire civilization, of a lifetime. Ours. In its profound entity, the human lives as a being, a being in front of itself. Our soul, nature divine, she is the fragment, the multiple of one. We are all the womb children of the interspace and in our memories, here in our head, we can see the universe.




Our body is perfect, it remains for us to perfect our mind, to model it so that it can reflect our true beauty. If we are conscious and confident in this we can then accomplish something for others.
« True Creation is neither art nor improvisation nor a personal subject. The designer wants to create aesthetics with the aim of bringing what can heal people and change their aspect of life well » .
The designer scatters his deepest feelings in the hollow of the small folds of the garment and surpises his absolute benevolence. May this present, be half of his future owner, and activate his inner being. L A V O I E creations tend to make the human heart vibrate, appease material illusions and awaken confidence. Attentive and respectful towards every existence, the designer likes to know the one who wears the clothes L A V O I E. Understanding how, when, has happened here, and on what path this person is located allows him to bring a particular interest to each. It aims to reach our spirit to re-establish direct connection with the earth and our fellow men. Whatever the way of expressing it, the human being needs to be in contact with things that pierce his soul in order to advance on the turn of knowledge.
« The creator explains from his concept that his intention is pure and that his fabrications are faithful to it » .
The pieces embody a strong commitment expressed in the shape and in the shaping of the garments. Always privileging the handmade on the automated work, the know-how and the technicality of the designer turns out entirely craft. To make the models in several and small series, allows to offer a unique product for a precious existence. The clothes L A V O I E are and will remain a source of emotions for the wearer which makes them timeless. A product whose manufacture is at the forefront of detail, and precision. Here in his studio in Paris, each of the creative stages is done by hand. First of all, it operates by a modeling technique that is faithful to the morphology of the human body, which means a complete analysis of the right balance of the silhouette. A stable level of aplombs for a nice fall of materials and a nice fit to the body. The cuts are bold and multi-dimensional like a crystalline cluster. The designer is as skilful of the knotted drape as of the structured to the point of mixing the effects always with grace and voluptuousness.