Our Aesthetic highlighted in our lives   



We veil for the better our identity, and our works are often hidden from the general public because we wish to put forward an ethics of Life.

L A V O I E means that Human are the main subject, and that You are at the center of this adventure.



  «  L A V O I E is the way where all-we are. »

The Designer hopes that all persons can bloom in theirselves.


Settled in a society where everything is directed by the personal interest, competition and the fear of matérial loss.

Poeple have often overlooked and neglected the true value of our life. Many Poeple have also noted and began to change our world, they are looking for the true real under which is false.

But that is not enough. The designer aims to be connected with all being. We believe in every one. Because all-we are need each other and we must be finaly harmonised.

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